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after 50 plus years, we know a thing or two about services!

wanna make a CUSTOM FIT sweater? wanna get your needlepoint made into a pillow or a stocking? need help sewing that sweater or blanket up?

we've got you covered.

  • custom fit by amy herzog
  • needlepoint finishing
  • names for stockings
  • knit/crochet finishing
  • things we won't do
  • sweater knitters are not born. they are made!

    let us make you a sweater knitter today with CUSTOMFIT by amy herzog.

    sweater knitting can be scary! it can be donating! it can be tricky!

    but with CUSTOMFIT and the YARN mart, you are almost guaranteed sweater success with the first try.

    it is all in the measurements!

    for CUSTOMFIT to work, you have to get the measurements right. both you and your swatch! 

    and that is the genius of it! it's your measurements and your swatch. you're not trying to fit some average women measurements or target a gauge that someone else deemed correct!

    so you swatch your own gauge (with a few tips and tricks from us!) then we measure you! and we are off the races! 

    how does it work?

    make an appointment for a CUSTOMFIT body measurement session.

    pick out your yarn. knit a swatch. get your swatch measured.

    get your pattern and start knitting.

  • needlepoint finishing

    we have a local finisher who has been working for us for over 30 years. it is an understatement to say that she is amazing at needlepoint finishing. christmas stockings. needlepoint pillows. luggage straps. bell pulls. 

    please allow at least 2 weeks for items to be finished.

    christmas stocking deadlines

    if we get your completed stocking by halloween, you will have it back by thanksgiving.

    if we get your completed stocking by thanksgiving, you will have it back by the week before christmas.

    any stocking received after thanksgiving are not guaranteed to be back by christmas.

    needlepoint ornament finishing

    contact the YARN mart for information about ornament finishers.

  • are you needlepointing a stocking and need the name for the cuff?

    we will chart a name for you and then show you how to stitch it on to your stocking.

    don’t worry! it is super easy! you can do it!

    each name chart is $20 for standard typeface or $40 for custom typeface.

    you can choose from a variety of typefaces.

    bring your stocking in with you because we need to measure the space at the top for the name.

    please allow 2 weeks for name to be charted before you begin stitching it to the stocking.

    we no longer stitch or paint names directly on stockings.

  • knit & crochet finishing

    we won't finish your knitted projects for you but you can hire us to show you how!

    same with blocking.

    let us show you how to put together your sweater. or piece an afghan. or block a shawl.

    email or call to schedule a finishing session or blocking session with one of our super talented knitters.

    all sessions are $30 per hour

    blocking is done using our industrial streamer. we don't have the facilities to wet or soak block items.

  • will you finish a project my mom/aunt/grandmother started before they died?

    unfortunately we cannot finish project started by other people. gauge is different. color is different. if you would like to learn how to knit or crochet or needlepoint to finish the project yourself, we will be more than happy to help you with learning how to finish the project.

    can i bring the project that my mom had stored in her attic/basement/storage unit for you to repair?

    please do not bring old items into the shop. if they have not been properly stored with mothball or cedar bars, these old projects and items can carry moths and other fiber eating insects. in a shop full of wool, these critters would have a field day! 

    if you would like the item finished into a pillow or other item by our needlepoint finisher, please put the item in the freezer for at least a week.